How Do I know I Have Met My Twin Flame?

To put it simply, you just know. You know in your heart. You can feel it deep down in your soul. There is nothing logical about it. As a matter of fact; attempting to use logic, what we have experienced in previous relationships, what we have learned from our parents, what we have learned from society at large about love and relationships, goes out the window when it comes to twins. I could give you a list of possible phenomena and feelings that can occur in a twin flame union but I believe that these lists just add to the confusion. Why? because each set of twins is unique. Each person is unique and each person within the twin flame union is unique.

I  have met twins that worked very hard on coming into self love through spiritual training throughout their lifetimes and met their twins after. I have also met twins that had absolutely no spiritual training or concept of striving towards self love before they met their twins. Because these people were at different phases of their own growth, what they experienced and are experiencing with regard to their twin flame union is unique to them and their union. The only true similarity is that deep down inside themselves, they know. They may not be acknowledging it because it seems to crazy. It seems too out of sync with what we are told a loving relationship “should” be like. This is because the purpose of the twin flame union is expanded awareness. It serves the twin’s expansion and once both come to a certain level of expansion; it serves others that may or may not be in a twin flame union.

It is true that twin flames experience a longing. It is a longing to be with the self. To love the self completely and unconditionally. Only through loving the self this way can we love another in the same manner. So the longing that we feel as twins is not about the “other” half of us. It is a longing to feel whole and complete within the self. Free from the shackles of what we have been taught is worthy of being loved. Loving the self with all it’s perceived imperfections. The imperfections in ourselves and in the other are simply an illusion that keeps us from love and at the same time, when these are challenged, they serve to bring us further into love. The more we love the self without expectations and conditions, we begin to attract those around us that will love us the same way. We resonate an energy that brings it to us and brings it to others around us. The energy resonates and cuts through the illusions of those around us and brings them closer to truly loving themselves.

Because I have had the twin experience; I can tell whether someone is a twin or if they are having some other type of divine experience. If the twins are merged enough (this can happen before complete physical union and it can happen well after physical union) I get a bolt of energy sent to my heart when one twin is speaking about the other. It is a burst of love energy and feels wonderful. Every awakened twin I know has had a similar experience when speaking with other twins. If the twins are not merged enough to have this energy resonating there are other ways I can tell. I ask source energies. I also receive energies that indicate other types of divine connections. In my experience, divine connections are always a type of soul mate and the only exception is the twin. Soul mate connections are always profound and they are not necessarily based in a connection that has anything sexual attached to them. Though they can be. The twin connection is simply different. It is not somehow superior. As a matter of fact, the very idea of superior keeps us from unconditional love.

There are people that may not have a need to be with a twin in this lifetime because they are capable of achieving the expanded awareness that the seek without it. There are just no rules when it comes to love. The only rules in life are those that we place upon life. So why would one think that there are rules governing who or who cannot connect in with their twins or rules as to how to go about maintaining the connection and/or reuniting that apply to everyone? Or rules that govern what a twin connection looks like? There are not. There are way too many variable for this. It is why it is important to find the truth within the self.

This said; it is useful to seek out help from another that you feel you resonate with. Be aware that for guidance to be effective it will  look like someone helping you to find your self love and your own awareness. A good spiritual guide answers your questions but does not have all the answers for you. The reason for this is that if you you are simply given all the answers, you will be prevented from learning self empowerment which is a big part of self love. It is ultimately up to you to do the work. I can guide you as to the where and how of the work and I am happy to do so. I have done this for many that have found a profoundness within themselves that they never knew existed.

This is a good exercise to help you to determine whether or not you have met your twin.  Meditate with the purpose of being in a state of allowing. Allowing for the flow of information and for the flow of self love. Then go A  deep into your heart you possibly can and ask yourself if you have met your twin. That my dear is how you know. Your feelings will tell you. Your brain does not have the answer. Your heart does.

Kim Gilster is a spiritual teacher, healer and coach. To find out more about her, please click here. 




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  2. This is a wonderful post and so true. I was going to post on exactly the same topic but you have covered all the points I wished to make. I get frustrated with all these lists of signs that supposedly indicate an authentic twin flame couple. I agree entirely that each couple is unique and that “you just know in your heart” is the only true sign. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You’re welcome. I’m glad it resonated. There seems to be quite a few of us that are stepping up to the plate on this and I am very happy to see it.