Shadow Aspects of the Twin Flame Union

Something that continues to resonate back to me through other twins I come into contact with are the shadow aspects of the twin union. So, I thought I would start writing about this sort of thing. How I define shadows are in various ways. There are shadow spirits/entities that come with various types of energies. There are also shadows in the mind. Things about the self that if left unilluminated, will haunt us. Ultimately though, if a shadow shows up in the form of a entity, it is normally calling us to look at something inside us that is left unhealed. For this reason it is not to be feared. It is up to us to deal with it. To look at it and attempt to ascertain what it is trying to tell us.The darkness and the shadows cannot align with us unless we are somehow in alignment with them. Once we acknowledge this we begin to heal. We may certainly seek out help from others on how to deal with a particular situation involving this but it is ultimately up to the individual to heal themselves in order to stop the alignment. To stop the pain and fear associated with the darkness.

I see many writing and speaking on the shadow aspects of twin flame unions. They write about concepts such as false twins, shadow twins, dark forces attempting to keep the twins separated, I have even seen some speak of forces that make people fall in love, make them think they are in a twin flame union when they are not. Most of what I have seen is based in fear. It is based on the fact that the person’s writing the fear based accounts have their own shadow aspects of self that they are not facing. A light worker can help bring some relief from shadows but a good light worker will help you to heal. They will not keep you in a space of fear where you will continue to stay dependent upon them for protection and for getting rid of the shadows. A good light worker will help to teach you how to do it yourself. There is nothing wrong with protection while you are going through these things. Protection is sometimes needed to give you the space to sort these things out. However; the goal needs to be for you to come to a space of self love and empowerment where you no longer feel the need to protect yourself or get protection from others.

To further assist you, I would like to look into some of the “possible” reasons that one could be aligning with some of the things they have and since this post is mostly directed at twins, I would like to concentrate on some of the ways these things present themselves in twin flame unions.

Let’s start with the concept of a the false twin. For me; calling something false is erroneous. The reason for this is that the word false implies that something is deceptive. In essence, the person that came in vibrating as a potential twin and was not, served a purpose in your reality. Everything in our reality has a purpose or we would not have aligned with it. So, there was no actual deception. Instead of calling these sorts of relationships false twins, I call them a type of catalyst. The main purpose they serve is to help us to align ourselves in a deeper space of self love. They aggravate false templates and things that need healing within the self in order for us to reach a space where we can achieve a greater potential of aligning with our actual twin. If we take the opportunity to heal what needs to be healed in the face of this relationship, we will find ourselves expanded and better able to in a space of unconditional love for ourselves and our twins. It is painful and it is not something we would consciously align with if we are sane people but the freedom obtained from a conscious acknowledgment and working through what needs to be healed is immense. If you have aligned with this sort of relationship you must be able to handle it and you must be a pretty tough cookie. It’s much better to embrace this than be in a space of resistance to it. There is really nothing to fear about it or from this person. Choose instead to learn to rise and expand. That is the only true way out and into happiness. I have been working on doing this myself and it works. Nothing I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot) has ever worked better.

Another popular shadow aspect that I hear and see a lot of twins talking about and that I have dealt with is this feeling and experiencing dark forces that are attempting to tear the union apart. If you find yourself dealing with dark shadow figures about, something coming into your dreams, feelings of something surrounding your twin or anything of this nature, stop and ask them why they are there. Ask them what they have come to teach you. Trust that the answer is there. Trust yourself. Trust that you know the answer or the alignment would not be occurring. Their true purpose is to alert you to the fact that something is very wrong. Something needs to be dealt with and healed and now. If we take the stance of this energy it will help to propel us towards love. It will help us to heal. If we take the stance of fear and pushing away, what will always, ultimately occur are more challenges on a larger level. The more we heal, the more we will stop aligning with these energies. There will be nothing to attract them to us. There is one clause here that bears mentioning. I have had some come in since doing this that were simply there to teach me that I had no more fear of them. The purpose served for me with this is that I learned that I could help others with these things. That the energy no longer had a hold on me and even when helping others, it would not hurt me. In this way some would argue that they are still in alignment with me. I suppose that is true to some extent but it does not matter to me because I resonate at a high enough vibration that I don’t fear it.

This leads me to the love bite phenomenon that I have heard some speak of. I have done some readings for people that have been advised that they had experienced this love bite. For those that don’t know what this is. It is basically the notion that dark forces of some sort of another have worked on people’s energies in various ways to make them fall in love with someone that makes them miserable. This plays into what I talked about in the previous paragraph. These people are experiencing shadow figures, dreams that make them fear things, dreams from the twin and a plethora of other things that would make them think that there are dark forces out to get them. That their love is not real. Love is always real. The very notion of a love that is not real goes against the concept of love. The love here is the most real and tangible element to the equation. What is also real is that there needs to be a lot of healing taking place for these people so they can come into a space of self love and happiness. The dark forces that are around are giving them this potential. They are also adding to the potential of having unconditional love for their partner. As they heal those around them will heal. Love works that way. I have felt it, seen it and live it.

In conclusion, what I want to put out there for you, my dear beloved twins, is that there is nothing to fear in any of this. Please do not allow others that are in fear to lead you astray. I understand that your fear is very real. I feel for those that are in a space of great fear when it comes to these things. I have been there in the past. I have been dealing with these things on one level or another throughout my life and now have a great understanding on the best ways to deal with them. I offer my hand of love to help to guide you out of the darkness if you would like to take it.

Kim Gilster is a spiritual teacher, healer and coach. To find out more about her, please click here. 




  1. Hello. thank you very much for this message. I read that when you are twin flames we feel something very special and when the other is not there as a real part of us is missing, it was the level of most relationship strong but also harder. I had a relationship with a friend and we felt that there was something special between us without knowing what. and what made me think of twin flame is when I read that the twin flames had an opposite ego and their relationship to help them work on that to silence the ego (in short). but we do not have that pain not be together because our hearts have suffered from our break there 2ans1 / 2 and it is not yet woken although we can not completely cut touch. even when we argue and we will contact more, it always comes back after a few weeks, a few months. how to know if it is a true twin soul relationship or relationship you talk that teaches us to cure things in us and be more in unconditional love? (We were passionately couple in a previous life but from a medium in this life if we would just be friendly soul sister so we’ll see 🙂 good day