How Do I get In Touch With My Spirit Guides?

People are often asking me to help them to listen to and/or speak with their guides. What they don’t know is that they are already doing it. That they have been doing it all their lives. Just not consciously. Given this, the more appropriate question to ask is, how do I build a better relationship with my guides? The short answer is that if we build a better relationship with ourselves, we will have a better relationship with our spirit guides.

To understand what a good working relationship with our guides looks like, we must first understand what they are and are not. Our guides are those that we have aligned with and pulled into our reality in one way or another. There could have been an agreement before we came here. We could have aligned with certain energies while we were here that pulled them in to help us. There is no set limit on the number of spirit guides someone can or cannot have or the type. There are too many types to list in this article but some of the more popular are those that we have known in this life and past lives and are now in a different space of existence. Those that represent an energy of a deity. Those that are what some see as angels and/or light beings. They normally present themselves as someone or something that we can understand and relate to. Spirit guides often come and go. They are not there at all times. Though they can and do interact with us in this dimension, they exist in another dimensional reality at this time and have things to take care of for themselves. They can be present for us for a period of time and then leave. Why? because we are no longer in need of their assistance. We have learned or received what it is that they can give us.

Just like all other beings that interact with this universe, they follow the law of attraction and the law of free will. They are not in charge, you are. It’s akin to you being someone that has hired a team of people to guide you on a trip. You know what you want to accomplish on your trip and where you want to go but you do not know the way to get there, that is why you hired others to help you. Ultimately though, it is your trip, your experience and your goal so, you must be the one to be very clear as to what your goals are and instruct the team you hired as to what you want to happen. The team then sets out to make it happen but if you do not listen to their areas of expertise with this, you will end up lost. The team will become frustrated if you do not give good instructions because they will try to give you what they think you want and be frustrated by you because you are not being clear enough for them to understand how to fulfill your needs.

Set your intention to speak to them. Every time you start to think of something you want in your life, make the intention to be very clear. You can do this with your voice or with your thoughts and be sure to put as much feeling behind it as you can. Your feelings are your main power of manifestation. Your guides and source energy hear your feelings more clearly than anything else. Giving voice to the feelings, seals the deal. I recommend you start out with simple things. An example could be that you do not like the fact that you cannot afford the food you would prefer to eat. So what you do is see yourself eating the foods that you would prefer. Then you tell them in as much detail as possible, the foods you want to have as part of your reality and on a regular basis. Know that this does not necessarily mean that they will bring you more money, in fact, I did this once and my guides showed me a better store to shop at where better foods were less expensive than the poorer quality foods I was purchasing elsewhere. They also had some neighbors start bringing me foods that I enjoy. We need to be open to the way. Never set a limit on how things need to come about. The only exception to this is if there is some job or some way that is definitely pleasurable to you. Remember though that the law of attraction only hears I do want. It never hears, “I don’t”. So, if you don’t want something, find a way to replace it with a statement of what you do want. An example of this is that it come into your reality in a way that is quite pleasurable for you. See how this leaves things open and yet sets a definite intention? Remember though that depending on your energy alignments, there may be things that you want but you have not learned one thing or another to bring it into your reality and so, the guides will help to guide you to learn what you need to learn in order that you can align your energy with your intentions. So sometimes you will be guided towards something less pleasurable. Just accept this as a lesson  and something you needed to move forward. if you accept it, it will be a lot less challenging.

So how do we communicate with our guides? Remember that I said that you already are? What I mean by that is that every time you express that you want something, they hear you. They hear your thoughts and they do their best to “guide” you to what it is that you want. That is their job in your reality. They act as the go between when it comes to you and source energy. They cannot do anything for you, you still must make it happen by simply opening up the energy and acting in the ways that you are guided to act. They can speak to you in a plethora of ways. They can give you signs if you are looking. I even once had an experience where I was sitting in a public bathroom and someone had written something on a wall that spoke to me about how to find a way to deal with my boss. They can whisper to you. They can put things in your path so that you take notice. They can come into your dreams.  Whenever you feel that feeling in your gut (solar plexus) or in your heart, that is your spirit guides speaking to you. The more you pay attention to that and the more you pay attention to the world around you, the more effective their guidance will be. The more you practice this, the more honed your abilities become in communicated with them and you will find that you will soon be able to communicate directly.

Why use guides instead of direct manifestation? Because it makes life a lot easier to have helpers. You can certainly manifest directly and there are times when that is necessary but it’s much easier to delegate and have others doing a big portion of the work for you. You get more done and with a lot less effort. Why not use everything at your disposal? When life is easier to manage, it makes one’s life a happier place.

Kim Gilster is a spiritual teacher, healer and coach. To find out more about her, please click here.