Are you an Empath or a Sympath?

I see many people labeling themselves empaths which I would label as sympaths. Why? To practice empathy is to be there for the other in ways that they ask, to simply relate to their feelings and offer compassion by holding space for their journey without judgement.
However; what most people that call themselves empaths are practicing is sympathy. Sympathy seeks to change and/or judge the other. To think that they know what the other needs based upon their own experiences andsense of morality. At best something with expectations is offered to the one suffering. At worst fingers are pointed and judgments are made based upon the alignment of what the one calling themselves an empath has made. Remember that no matter what, you are in charge and the pain that you feel is always of your own creation.
Practice actual empathy and see how that empowers you as well as those around you.

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