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Kim has spent many years developing herself and helping others to achieve happiness, self love and success. She has seen and communicated with spirit, had visions, remembered past lives, and has had an uncanny intuition since she could remember. She channels universal knowledge to coach individuals to live in their personal authenticity. They are often healed by simply touching in with the universal love she is constantly radiating. People often say her presence is really all they need.

She has spent her entire life studying human behavior, starting with the study of religions and psychology through her local library at the age of 10. She is formally educated with her primary degrees being in the study of anthropology with a main emphasis in archaeology. She has lived in ashram (essentially a Hindu monastery), has traveled the world, and is an army veteran. She is a very well rounded teacher/coach and offers sound spiritual guidance that is combined with the practicalities of life. While her approach is from a space of unconditional love; it speaks to the heart of the matter. She believes that each path is individual and an important part of the collective consciousness. She too is still in the process of expanding every day. She keeps herself open to this expansion; because every good teacher is also, always,  a good student.

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1. Anthropology is the study of all human behavior and how it relates to the environment. Since the environment is everything, those with degrees in anthropology possess intimate knowledge of all sciences and are generally experts in several sciences, as they relate to the areas of emphasis within the discipline.


Kim Gilster! a great consultation, at first i was open to the reading. Then i was nervous, as i usually am when experiencing new endeavors! there is a spirit about Kim that gives a sense of comfort and understanding. As i sat there, for a few hours, it became ridiculously profound and amazing! The warnings, The predictions, The lessons, and The guidance all became great news and conversation. The vibes were a blessing.  Kim is experienced and knows what she is talking about!!!! Thanks to the Life Coach and Spiritual Adviser Kim G, i proceed!

JoeyDru T. San Pedro, CA


Kim’s spirit is a shining star.  The reading that she did with me has profoundly impacted my life.  Her genuine energy gave me the gentle push that sent my consciousness into a higher level of awareness.  I am soaring with joy and gratitude, because she gifted me with motivation to leap into my life’s purpose.  I have never sky-dived, but I can just imagine the fear that I would feel right before that very first jump.  Sometimes we feel that way when we are stuck on a precipice in life.  Kim gave me the guidance and encouragement to take that leap of faith into my future.  And, now, I am free falling with wonder and ecstasy.  I will forever be grateful for Kim’s spirit.  She has a gift that should be shared with the world.

Jan J. San Antonio, TX

Thank you for helping me with my stuff.  Thank you for helping me grow. I like to hear it straight up with no sugar.  I like how you’re direct and authentic in your sessions.  Your approach helps me get it, even if it’s shocking at first.  That’s when I know there’s work to be done. The work has allowed me to stand in my own power, teaching me to respect my boundaries, teaching me how to love myself, others, fulfill my mission, also creating abundance and allowing me to live a happier life.

Thank you so much!

Ramon Rivera LMT, TRT