Twin Flame: Working with your new energies

Judgement and Twin Flames

Twin Flame Radiation and Harmonization

How To Trust Yourself

Learning to trust yourself is one of the scariest parts of expansion and love. After all, most of us beat ourselves up all the time. We are taught that we do not “deserve” to be happy, healthy, have abundance, etc. We are taught there are rules in place that govern…

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How To Begin To Manifest What You Want In Your Life

Everything we do is causing something to manifest in our lives. What we think, how we act, how we feel and what we do are all ways that we put energy out into the world. We literally attract what we are. And that which does not match our energy alignments,…

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How Do I get In Touch With My Spirit Guides?

People are often asking me to help them to listen to and/or speak with their guides. What they don’t know is that they are already doing it. That they have been doing it all their lives. Just not consciously. Given this, the more appropriate question to ask is, how do…

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When we hear the word non-resistance it conjures up images of peaceful protests and reminds us of great people who have changed the world such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. but what does it mean to us as individuals? How is it useful to our individual expansion? How…

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Free Will

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time during the holidays. I have been busy consulting and helping many as well as enjoying some of the festivities. So many speak of God, the universe, the light, Christ consciousness, etc, during this time of the year. However; what I have been…

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