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I work with you to develop a program that fits your individual needs. My rate is $500 for one month of coaching which consists of four 1hr sessions. 


* Self Empowerment- I will help you to live in the vibration of joy and abundance which serves to bring you true happiness.   While asking for the help that we need from others is wonderful and needed, the more we have at our disposal to heal ourselves and take control of our own reality, the more empowered we are and the more we come to love the self. Self empowerment also makes it much easier to receive from others because we learn to be feel worthy of love and therefore worthy of receiving.

* Psychic Development –  I will teach you how to develop and use your abilities safely and sanely. As we start to expand our awareness through empowering the self, we begin to become more in touch with universal, source energy or what some refer to as God. There then becomes a need to hone our skills and become more aware of how energies operate within the collective and with us as individuals. Developing psychic skills helps us with these understandings and brings about more of an awareness of self and oneness. Some of these abilities are things like astral travel, psychic readings, manifestation, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, mediumship, speaking with and using our spirit guides, understanding the use of chakras and how they work.

*Navigating the Twin Flame Union –  If you have a twin flame or soulmate connection, there can be more difficulty in navigating your way through the connection. I will help you to find the way to your light. Whether you would like to draw in the type of relationship you seek or you are having trouble getting over the last one, I can help you to do this from a space of self love that allows for growth and happiness. While all connections are divine, there are some that are more binding.

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